Business model

Business model

At Kyoritsu Maintenance, we strive for business planning that benefits everyone involved. We have employed subleasing to establish our own unique business model. Taking the example of our core dormitory business operations: First, we offer an optimal business plan to ensure that the land and buildings owned by an individual are utilized effectively. After completing this, we rent this property in total and sublease it to schools and companies for use as dormitories. With our extensive knowledge and experience on boarding, we operate and manage the dorms and ensure that residents are able to enjoy the same level of comfort as they would in their own home.

business territory

business territoryProperty ownerObtaining long-term stable revenue from unused property

  • ■Generate revenue by effectively using idle land and buildings
  • ■Receive long-term stable revenue without needing to search for tenants
  • ■Eliminate the troubles arising from tenants and real estate agencies
  • ■Contribute to society through a business that offers social value

business territoryPartnered schools/ Contracted companies Only the rooms you need when you need them

  • ■Adjust the number of contracted rooms efficiently, economically, and logically
  • ■Low costs and minimal initial investment compared to property ownership
  • ■Eliminate the burden involved in property management
  • ■Increase benefits while keeping costs low

business territoryResidentsA healthy, safe, and comfortable lifestyle

  • ■Dramatically cut expenses with completely furnished rooms
  • ■Enjoy healthier and safer meals than eating out or cooking at home with 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) provided each day
  • ■Comprehensive crime and disaster prevention with onsite management staff
  • ■Both residents and their families can rest at ease

Background of growth

Even if the nature of boarding houses has changed, their ability to perceive a guest’s feelings and take care of their needs will always be relevant to society. This is what we at Kyoritsu Maintenance believe, and we have expanded our business with this spirit firmly in mind. This has further led to the unwavering trust and extensive portfolio we pride ourselves on. Our boarding house-inspired spirit has produced a new business, the driving force of which is the unique know-how Kyoritsu Maintenance offers through its subleasing services combined with Japanese ‘omotenashi’ hospitality. Minimizing the risks of the property owner as much as possible, we deliver the greatest benefits to all involved from the contracting party to end user. As a result of this, we as well have been able to secure long-term stable business profits without owning any actual property.

business territory
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