Business segment

  • Dormitory business

    Maintenance and operation of school dormitories, company dormitories, domicile buildings, and contracted dormitories

    [Sales composition ratio→28.1%]

  • Hotel business

    Dormy inn business (budget hotel business); resort business (resort hotel business)

    [Sales composition ratio→37.1%]

  • Contracted Service business

    Management of facilities such as offices and residences.

    [Sales composition ratio→9.8%]

  • Food business

    Restaurant business; contracted supply of school meals; operation of contracted hotels; restaurants

    [Sales composition ratio→4.0%]

  • Construction business

    Construction, planning, design, and mediation business; condominium business; and other businesses pertaining to development

    [Sales composition ratio→14.1%]

  • Other (Business segments not included in report)

    Senior life business (maintenance and operation of housing for elderly); PKP business (contraction of businesses for local governments); support for persons living alone and insurance agent business; total temporary staffing service business; financing business and work proxy business, etc.

    [Sales composition ratio→6.9%]

※As for sales composition ratio, before internal transaction elimination.
(As of March 2017)

Dormitory Business

Gakusei Kaikan Student
Residence Halls

Through partnerships with universities and colleges throughout Japan, Kyoritsu Maintenance manages student residence halls, featuring in-residence supervisors,healthy nutritionally balanced meals ,and student living space that offers privacy.
We look after students who are on their own with care that puts their far away families at ease.

Company Employee
Residence Halls

The features of Kyoritsu Maintenance’s management of residences supporting company employees who are single or on assignment away from their homes and families are similar to those for our student residence halls and popular with many clients The system is economically efficient for our clients because we provide rooms according to the number and the period of use specified by our clients.
Since we handle all management and operation needs, our services reduce the burden of the contracting company.

Hotel Business

Limited Service Hotels Business
(Dormy Inn)

The balance of “comfortable” and “affordable” is the theme of Kyoritsu Maintenance’s nation-wide chain of “Dormy Inn” hotels.
In addition to clean and comfortable rooms, these hotels feature local seasonal delicacies at the breakfast table, and a special bathing experience fashioned after a Japanese hot spring spa.
It is our desire to provide a space where people can relax and feel at home.

Resort Hotels Business

Kyoritsu Maintenance operates resort hotels and Japanese hot spring spa facilities throughout Japan.
We offer meals and amenities that take advantage of local climate and local delicacies, as well as surroundings that allow our guests to relax to the fullest while they enjoy top service at reasonable rates.

Domestic base map of resort hotel

Other Business Operations

Senior Housing Business

Providing management and operations of rental residences specifically for the elderly, as well as residence-type nursing homes, in rapidly aging Japan.

Public Partnership Business

Providing management and operations on a contract basis to help streamline local government administration of public facilities.

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