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With the spirit of taking care of others, we hope to move onto a bigger stage in serving people and society.

We started Kyoritsu Maintenance in 1979 from a contract business for school lunches.
Since then, our company has steadily grown, and we have expanded our business to include Dormitory Operations for managing Stndent and enployee dormitories and Hotel Operations for running business and resort hotels.
Today, we operate more than 400 dormitories nationwide with 36,000 annual residents and manage more than 70 business and resort hotels that are patronized by more than 4 million guests each year.
While these may appear different at first, our businesses share a common foundation serving a customer with good food and good accomodations.
This ‘human maintenance’ in the form of taking care of others is something we have continued unchanged since our founding.
We place the utmost importance on being able to provide suitable answers to the desires of each generation.
Today, along with advancing a strategy for growth centering on our core Dormitory and Hotel Operations, we are also focusing on the changes affecting society and have undertook new ventures such as developing Senior Life Operations to provide housing to senior citizens and PKP Operations that support the delivery public services in collaboration with local governments.
From here on, with the spirit of ‘human maintenance’ firmly in mind, we promise to push forward in our continued service to people and society as we move on to new and bigger stages. We look forward to your continued patronage in the years to come.

Origin of our company name


"Kyoritsu" means to stand together with our customers, societies, and all the people who support us. It also denotes being together with our employees, of course. Then, what does "Maintenance" mean? Although people may generally think of maintenance and management, its primary meaning is to make a living, or working hard on one's occupation.

Origin of our logo design

This logo was designed so that anyone would be able to discover the meanings of ‘kyoritsu’ and ‘maintenance’ at a glance. ① resembles the character for ‘people’ standing together and has been combined with ②, which forms an ‘M’, the first letter in the word ‘maintenance’. These are surrounded by ③- a circle symbolizing harmonious relationships and a gentle spirit. The circle also represents the infinite and expresses our company’s potential for future development and expansion.

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