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Delicious. Warm. Comfortable.
What we value is the comfort and security of home.
We want all of our visitors and residents to feel comfortable and have an irreplaceable time.
We are always thinking of each and every one of you.
We are always ready and waiting for you as much as possible.

I knew I liked it, Dormy Student Center, Pt.

Dorm mothers and dorm heads who always watch over us.
The irreplaceable friends who will become friends for life.
This is a heartwarming depiction of a student dormitory where students can live in peace, just like at home.

When I come home, I know someone's there.
We'd have a nice dinner together.
Talking about stupid things.
I forgot what was bothering me.

I knew I liked it, Dormy.

It's comforting. You'll love it.
Dormy quality

Dormy Student Union

I knew I liked it, Kyoritsu Resort Pt.

The concept of the hotel is to provide a high quality, yet relaxed and comfortable stay,
Kyoritsu Resort has realized "what I wish I could have" such as nighttime buckwheat noodles and
ice cream after taking a bath.
The relaxed atmosphere of the resort is depicted through a family reunion.

A little luxury weekend.

Take a hot spring bath.
and make a toast
sprawl out and lie down
Hey, when's the next time you're coming?

I knew I liked it, Dormy.

It's comforting. You'll love it.
Dormy quality

Kyoritsu Resort

I knew I liked it, Dormy Senior Pt.

Warm and friendly staff who are able to communicate with each other. Friends who can share joy together.
Dormy Senior, a senior residence where you can live peacefully while taking on various challenges,
is a picture of everyday life full of smiles.

It's not just the food that's warm.

I made a new friend.
I'm trying yoga today.

I'm glad I chose this place.
Dormy, it's so nice

It's comforting. You'll love it.
Dormy quality

Dormy Senior

I knew I liked it, KYORITSU Pt.

We want to create a relaxing place for visitors and residents.
We also want to create a refreshing and exciting everyday life.
For a good morning for each and every one of us.
We have put these thoughts into the songs of each and every one of our employees and painted them in a fun way.

Freshly cooked food
Take a warm bath.
Relax and unwind.
A little excitement
I want you to feel refreshed.

To create
“I knew I liked it”.

KYORITSU Hotels & Domitories

A man’s life is depicted using a single line, and the commercial describes how the company business always stands by someone’s side.