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Message from the Chairman
and the President

Helping shape lifestyles that are spiritually fulfilling as a company that continues to contribute to people and society.

Our company, Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd., started in 1979 as a municipality-commissioned lunch provider business. Since then, our business scopes expanded to “dormitory businesses” running student dormitories/employee dormitories and “hotel businesses” running business hotels and resort hotels. Our company has developed steadily as a growing company.
While each business may seem different, they all share a solid underlying philosophy of “providing food and housing.”
Since the foundation, the company has always held the slogan “Human Maintenance,” which is to “take care of people.”
What we value the most is to fully answer the needs of any given time, “when something is wanted,” and each person’s desire to “receive services a certain way.”
Our main businesses are the “dormitory businesses” and “hotel businesses.” Through these channels, we will provide services and products that reflect our “spirit of taking care of people.” We will also take on new businesses such as the “senior life businesses” running homes for the elderly and the “PKP businesses” that provide public services partnering with municipalities.
The company observes diversifying and ever-changing social trends. It will work hard to push forward to be a trusted company and contribute to people and society in an even wider range of areas.
We ask for your continuous support in the many years to come.

Chairman Haruhisa Ishizuka


Haruhisa Ishizuka

President Koji Nakamura


Koji Nakamura