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Social Initiatives

Creation of New Jobs

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Active job creation

We contribute to job creation in rural areas by actively hiring locally at newly opened business sites. In our dormitory business, we are actively hiring middle-aged and elderly people, as their abundant life experience is well suited to Dormitory management work.

Employment of People with Disabilities

In 2012, in order to promote employment of people with disabilities, we established Kyoritsu Assist as a special subsidiary. We continue to actively recruit for a variety of tasks at our headquarters, branches, and various business sites.

Diverse Workforce

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Increasing the Percentage of Women in Management Positions

We have set 20% of women in management positions by 2028 as our target and are continuing our efforts to achieve this goal. As of March 2024, the percentage of women in management positions was 15.8%.

Introduction of Unisex Uniforms

In consideration of gender diversity, we have introduced unisex uniforms at our Dormy Inn business sites. In addition, at our resorts we have a policy of introducing unisex uniforms for new employees, gradually replacing the old uniforms.

Investment in human resources

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Human resource development policy

The Group believes that it is important to use knowledge and skills acquired through practical work as an axis for growth, while simultaneously strengthening core competencies through training, as well as levelling up from growth on an individual scale to larger growth on an organizational scale. We are working to secure a stable supply of highly capable personnel who can respond to customer needs as one of our priority measures to improve customer satisfaction.

Expansion of Training Programs

We have adopted a personnel system based on grades by job classification, where each grade has various training programs to match its growth stage. In addition to mandatory training programs such as position-specific training by outside instructors and compliance training, other programs include selective training such as dispatching employees to universities, and open training and other opportunities for employees who are especially motivated, regardless of their years of service.

Providing Opportunities for Learning

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Implementation of RA program in Dormitories

In our student dormitories, we have implemented a resident assistant (RA) program, aiming to create a "place for learning and development" where students can motivate each other and communication is generated. Through practical experiences such as initiatives to stimulate communication, and planning and organizing events in the dormitory, RAs can acquire abilities and experience that will be useful when they enter the workforce. By the end of FY2023, a total of 779 RA graduates were active in the workforce.

Offering Schooling Assistance Programs

In our Dormitory business, we provide a schooling assistance program (installment payment system for dormitory fees) to financially support living alone for students who are motivated to excel in their future by pursuing studies in higher education.

Support for International Students through the Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship

The Kyoritsu International Foundation (URL : was established in 1995 with the approval of the then-Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture to promote a global society. In order to cultivate promising international students, we provide scholarships and other forms of support in a variety of areas.

Implementation of work experience programs

In our hotel business, we offer the "DOMINISTA CHALLENGE" work experience program for junior and senior high school students as a "learning opportunity" for them to experience the fun and excitement of working at a hotel. In this program, students learn about the duties and roles of each department, such as the front desk, and how to make guests' stay more pleasant and comfortable, as part of their career education to develop a "professional perspective".

Food Safety and Security

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Food Safety and Security through HACCP-compliant Hygiene Management

We provide various types of meals at our dormitories, business hotels, resort hotels, nursing care facilities, and food service outlets. In order to continuously provide safe and secure meals, we have established the Food Hygiene Committee, a Group-wide organization, to conduct hygiene management in accordance with HACCP. And from 2023, we will introduce regular hygiene inspections by an external specialized inspection agency to improve the level of hygiene management and enhance hygiene education at each of our business sites.

Food Waste Reduction

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Initiatives to Reduce Food Waste at Dormitories

We provide a smartphone application, "Domico," for tenants of our student and employee dormitories. This app is not only a tool to communicate with dormitory directors and matrons, but also manages food services to reduce food waste.

Food Waste Reduction and Recycling

In buffets and restaurants, in addition to appropriate control of inventory and purchasing volume, we strive to reduce total food waste by carefully exchanging information on the effective use of ingredients by on-site staff and the development and sharing of menus that make good use of inventory. In addition, in order to achieve a recycling-oriented society, we have begun asking our partner companies to collect used cooking oil and recycle it into biodiesel fuel and medicinal hand soap.

Health Consciousness

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Providing Healthy Meals

To enable each customer to be "active for life," Dormy Senior provides meals that are handmade daily in the kitchens of each facility, designing our menus with a focus on Japanese ingredients and a balance of health and nutrition, including the inclusion of linseed oil, which is believed to be effective in stimulating brain function. Student and employee dormitories also offer health-conscious menus based on traditional home cooking, incorporating delicious and nutritious seasonal ingredients.We are also working on a "beauty and health" themed menu for women in their teens to twenties at Dormy Lei, a women-only dormitory.