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Sustainability Initiatives

Since our founding, we have steadily expanded our business through our Dormitory business, which has been steadily growing, and the hotel business, which has accelerated its growth by providing services appreciated by customers.However, the COVID-19 pandemic presented a severe challenge we had never experienced before.Thanks to the tremendous support and assistance from our customers, business partners, investors, and financial institutions that we received amid such difficulties, as well as the efforts of all our staff members who sincerely put our customers first, the performance is now beginning to show signs of recovery.

Amid these trials, we have come to realize once again how much support we receive from our various stakeholders and from society. And we have come to prioritize sustainability, which is key to solving social issues, as the most important management issue for our Company.Which is why, in April 2022, we established the Sustainability Promotion Committee, an organization under the direct control of the President.The Sustainability Promotion Committee will discuss and decide on our materiality, related policies, and specific measures to promote our efforts to solve social issues.

Climate change is currently one of our most important social issues. We have signed the TCFD recommendations with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.To realize gender equality, we have been promoting the development of a workplace environment in which employees can play an active role regardless of gender. As of March 31, 2022, the percentage of female full-time employees was 48.0%, and the percentage of women in management positions was 13.5%.In addition, the dormitories operated by the Company have an RA (Resident Assistant) program, which aims to create a “place for learning and development” where students can motivate each other and communication is encouraged. Through initiatives to stimulate communication within the dormitory, planning and organizing events in the dormitory, and participating in SDGs activities themselves through the RA program, dorm residents are acquiring abilities and experience that will be useful upon entering the workforce.

We see these activities not only as a way to reduce the risk of various social issues, but also as a way to expand business opportunities.In order to further enhance corporate value, we plan to take on higher levels of initiatives in the new medium-term management plan that is currently being formulated.

The word “Kyoritsu” in our Company name means “to stand together with customers, society, and all the people who support us, and solidly maintain a presence in this world.”And the word “Maintenance” was chosen to signify being a part of people’s lives by maintaining society and livelihoods through “human maintenance”.

Although COVID-19 has placed many challenges on our Company, we will take this as an opportunity to change our mindset, take a fresh look at the role society expects of the Kyoritsu Maintenance Group, and work on management so that we can continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society and the meaning of our Company name.

March 2023

  • President

Koji Nakamura