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Management Philosophy

The spirit of the company is to put customers first

1. Be thankful and be appreciated

Work in a way to be able to always say “thank you” to customers and, at the same time, always have customers say “thank you” to you.

2. Gather wisdom and work to improve the service

Gather wisdom (knowledge that leads to action) from inside and outside the company, and always work hard to make improvements.

3. Always desire for prosperity and work to achieve mutual profits

“Mutual profits” are essential to establish “Kyoritsu = rising up together.” Contribute to the prosperity of clients by constantly providing satisfying services. To achieve this, pursue co-existence and mutual profits with business associates and cooperating companies.

The concept behind the company name

The company name Kyoritsu Maintenance was made from the word “Kyoritsu,” which means to stand together with customers, society, and all the people who support us, and solidly maintain a presence in this world.
The word “Maintenance” was chosen to signify standing beside people’s lives and maintain the livelihood in society through “human maintenance.

“Kyoristu: stand together
Maintenance: “maintain the livelihood," “support a family”

Corporate slogan

Good morning make for good days.
Good days lead to good week,
good years, and good lives.
Simply by changing our morning,
we can make our lives more wonderful.
Start your day off right.
Relaxation and hospitality like home to you
‘See you later and have another energetic day.

A good life is made of the accumulation of good mornings.
That's why we prepare warm meals that fulfill our hearts for the energy the next morning,
a bath full of hot water, and a relaxing space, greeting you saying, "welcome home."
At the end of the day, we want you to relax your shoulders and have a great sleep.
We believe all of this will lead to a new morning full of hope."

Our social contribution initiatives

The General Incorporated Foundation, Kyoritsu International Scholarship Foundation was established on November 7th, 1995, approved by the Ministry of Education (at the time), with Haruhisa Ishizuka donating personal assets.
Purpose of establishment: "We are determined to support promising international students from Asian countries through scholarships. The aim is to establish international friendship and goodwill, create a driving force to develop Asia in the future, and develop human resources."
Current activities include supporting international students and contributing to the internationalization of Japanese society.

General Incorporated Foundation, Kyoritsu International Scholarship FoundationURL