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Senior life business

(Residences for the elderly)

Supporting each of our customer’s
“activities for life".

We manage and run "residences for the elderly with nursing care," " fee-based homes for the elderly (residential)," and "Residences for the elderly with services." We have support structures that match the physical conditions of each resident so that residents can live securely and freely.

Dormy Senior

Business Features

  • ・We made unique approaches to the three lifestyle habits, “eating,” “having activities,” and “sleeping,” so that each customer can be “active for life”
  • ・Our team structure consists of staff with special expertise and techniques, who can support the daily lifestyle of customers

We started the senior life (residences for the elderly) in 1996 with the desire to provide secure and comfortable “housing just like home.”
Our know-that has been cultivated through making comfortable hotels and dormitories came into life to provide a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle every day.