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Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. (“the Company”), is keenly aware of the importance of its societal obligation of safeguarding privacy and personal information. Accordingly, the Company has established the following Privacy Policy and consistently works to ensure the proper management of personal information.

  1. 1. Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

    The Company collects personal information using legal and honest methods to assist with responding to inquiries, performing questionnaire analyses, conducting recruiting activities, and providing services and information regarding these services. All use of personal information is conducted within the necessary scope of accomplishing these goals. If a situation arises in which the Company must use personal information outside of this scope, it makes a corresponding announcement on this website.

    The Company shares and conducts joint use of personal information retained from various applications and notification forms with the following Group companies and affiliated organizations. However, this joint use is also limited to the aforementioned scope.

    Group companies and affiliated organizations with which the Company shares and jointly uses personal information:
    Kyoritsu Trust Co., Ltd.
    Kyoritsu Insurance Service Co., Ltd.
    Kyoritsu Financial Service Co., Ltd.
    Kyoritsu Foods Service Co., Ltd.
    Builnet Co., Ltd.

    When the Company collects personal information indirectly through third parties, it verifies that this information was obtained from the corresponding individual in an appropriate manner. After providing compensation in accordance with related agreements, the Company uses this information within the previously indicated scope.

    Within the scope necessary to carry out its business, the Company sometimes entrusts third-party contractors and other business entities with personal information. In these cases, any provision of personal information is performed under strict management, and the Company ensures that agreement details reflect the importance of safeguarding personal information.

    The Company only provides personal information to third parties under the following circumstances:
    (1)The Company has received permission from the corresponding individual
    (2)The personal information has been requested for legal purposes in accordance with laws and ordinances
    (3)The corresponding individual has violated the Company’s terms of service and caused significant damage to its profit
    (4)The personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, health, property, or other important interest of an individual

  2. 2. Safe Management of Personal Information

    The Company implements reasonable safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, as well as other related trouble, including loss, damage, falsification, and leaks.

  3. 3. Disclosure, Revision, and Deletion of Personal Information

    When requested by the corresponding individual, the Company will quickly disclose, revise, or delete personal information in accordance with socially accepted ideas and practices after appropriately confirming the individual’s identity to prevent unauthorized third-party alteration or other illicit uses of personal data.

  4. 4. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, etc.

    When handling personal information, the Company complies with all Japanese law, regulations, and standards related to the safeguarding of personal information.

  5. 5. Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

    For inquiries regarding the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact the Personal Information Contact Office using the information listed below. After performing an identity check, the Company will respond to requests concerning personal information within a reasonable timeframe and scope.

    Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.
    General Affairs Department, Personal Information Contact Office
    Sotokanda 2-18-8, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8621, Japan
    Tel: +81 03 (5295) 7780
    Business hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m. (JST; excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and the New Year holiday period)

    Please understand that the Company cannot accept direct requests made in person at any of its offices or business locations.

Enacted February 1, 2005

Revised September 9, 2005

Revised April 1, 2011

Revised July 1, 2015

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