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Sustainability Policy & Promotion Framework

Sustainability Policy

We, the Kyoritsu Maintenance Group, are engaged in business activities to create good mornings for our customers by providing true relaxation and comfort through providing food and housing so that they can greet each new day full of hope, vitality, and abundance.
Naming ourselves “Kyoritsu” to imply that we stand together with our customers, society, and all the people who support us, and that we solidly maintain a presence in this world, since our founding, we have prioritized social responsibility as an important issue associated with our business activities.
This is also linked to our contribution to the achievement of the SDGs in recent years and our efforts to address environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues. We will continue to strive for the realization of a sustainable society while enhancing our corporate value over the medium to long term through our business activities.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

In April 2022, we inaugurated the Sustainability Promotion Committee as a direct control organization, chaired by the President, to promote efforts to address issues surrounding sustainability. In response to a policy from the Board of Directors, this committee will hold various discussions on sustainability, determine various policies, targets, and measures related to sustainability, and report regularly to the Board of Directors on the progress of these discussions.
In addition, the Board of Directors will annually deliberate and review the allocation of management resources and strategies related to our business portfolio as it confirms and analyzes the progress of management strategies and plans.

Board of Directors

Sustainability Promotion Committee
  • Chairman:


  • Members:

    Managing Director responsible for Planning and Development Group
    General Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs Department
    General Manager of Business Process Re-engineering Department

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