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Thank you for using the official social media accounts and official Facebook pages (hereafter "our official accounts") managed by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. (hereafter "this company").

We manage our official accounts in good faith so more people can learn about this company.
We have established this social media policy (hereafter "this policy") regarding the management of our official accounts so our many users can view and use our official accounts comfortably and safely.

Please make sure you understand and agree to this policy when browsing or posting comments on our official accounts.
Also, the management policies for some of our official accounts may differ from this policy.
In that case, we will notify you separately on each social media service.

Regarding the posts and comments you leave on our official accounts, we cannot promise to reply or respond to every one.
Especially for inquiries, please refer to the URL below and send your inquiries to our contact address.

Our inquiry form

  1. Article 1: This policy's scope of application and changes

    1.This company collects personal information by legal and fair means for the purposes of providing our business services and guidance, responding to inquiries, analyzing surveys, and for our recruitment activities. Personal information is used within the scope necessary to achieve these purposes. If we need to use personal information beyond the scope necessary for these purposes, we will officially announce this in a policy, etc.

    2.This company may change this policy without notifying users. The changed policy will go into effect from the time it is posted on this website, and users will be deemed to agree to the changed policy from the time they use our official accounts.

  2. Article 2: Prohibitions

    1.This company prohibits users from the following actions when using our official accounts.
    (1)Actions that hinder or risk hindering the management of our official accounts.
    (2)Actions that disadvantage or harm other users, third parties, or this company, or actions that risk doing so.
    (3)Actions that infringe on or risk infringing on the rights of other users, third parties, or this company, including intellectual property rights such as a copyrights or trademarks, or any other rights.
    (4)Actions that violate or risk violating the privacy of another user or a third party, such as posting personal information without that person's consent.
    (5)Commercial or promotional use. (Includes sharing or introducing websites.)
    (6)Slander, verbal abuse, or coercion.
    (7)Posting obscene or indecent expressions. Also actions that contravene or risk contravening public order.
    (8)Actions that violate or risk violating the law, or actions that encourage or risk encouraging violations of the law.
    (9)Political activities, election activities, religious activities, and other similar actions.
    (10)Posting or sending harmful computer programs, etc.
    (11)Impersonating another user, a third party, or this company.
    (12)Actions that harm or risk harming the healthy development of youth.
    (13)Other actions this company has judged inappropriate.

    2.If any action infringing on "1" is confirmed, or if an allegation is made in accordance with the law, this company may take the following measures within the scope of the specifications of the relevant social media channel, without notifying the user.
    ・Deleting or hiding the relevant comment
    ・Blocking the account of the relevant user
    ・Other measures this company judges appropriate. Even if this company does not take the above measures, this company makes no guarantee of the legality, authenticity, or appropriateness of the user's actions.

    3.This company is not liable for any damages the user may incur as a result of any measures taken by this company as described in "2."

    4.If this company incurs damages as a result of actions infringing on "1," this company may demand compensation from the user who committed those actions.

    5.Antisocial organizations (gangs, gang members, third parties who were gang members less than 5 years ago, associate gang members, gang-related companies, extortionists, political racketeers, organized crime syndicates, or other similar parties) are prohibited from accessing or using our official accounts.
    If this company discovers an antisocial organization using our official accounts, we will take measures according to 2.""

  3. Article 3: Treatment of intellectual property

    1.All copyrights and other intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, design rights, and patent rights) pertaining to the works this company publishes on our official accounts belong to this company or the copyright holder.

    2.The copyrights and other rights pertaining to users' posts and comments belong to the user who posted those posts and comments. However, the user is deemed to consent to this company's non-exclusive worldwide use (duplication, processing, translation, abridgment, publication, etc.) of that content at the time of posting. The user also agrees not to exercise their copyright rights in response to this company's use of said posts or comments.

    3.When posting or commenting on our official accounts, the user guarantees that the posted content does not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

    4.Users must not use any information or content obtained through our official accounts beyond the scope permitted by copyright law.

  4. Article 4: Disclaimers

    1.This company is not liable for any damages or troubles (including but not limited to loss of business profit, interruption of business, and loss of business information) incurred by the user or any third party based on the use of or inability to use this service.

    2.When this company participates in joint promotions with other websites, links to the promotion partner site or the promotion planning company site may be included in this service. In that case, users use the linked content based on their own judgment, and this company is not liable for any damages or troubles incurred by users or any third party based on the use of the linked content.

    3.Users guarantee that they are not infringing on the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, honor, or any other rights of others in the text, images, videos, or other data they post. This company is not liable for any damages or disputes that arise due to damages incurred by other users or third parties through said posted data.

    4.Due to circumstances on our side, this company may suspend the operation of some or all of our official accounts without any prior notice or announcement to users.
    This company is not liable for any damages incurred by users or third parties due to the suspension of operation of our official accounts.

  5. Article 5: Precautions

    1.Users are personally responsibly for all fees related to the installation of computer devices and communication devices required for the use of our official accounts, as well as all charges for phone and LAN services required for use.

    2.Not all information transmitted by this company through this service necessarily represents this company's official announcements or opinions. For this company's official announcements and opinions, please see our official homepage [[[(]]] and press releases, etc.

  6. Article 6: Applicable laws and jurisdictions

    This policy is governed by Japanese law. If the need for a lawsuit arises regarding the use of this service, said lawsuit shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.

Established February 1st, 2021

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd.