Start your day off right.

“Our mission is to bring people “a great morning,” by providing deep relaxation and comfort through food and housing so that everyone can have fulfilling “vibrant lives” with each new day filled with hope and energy.”


  • Dormitory business

    Secure housing with our devotion to the spirit of “welcome home”

    Since the foundation, Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd. has run student dormitories/employee dormitories businesses. Currently, the scope of dormitories has expanded to international exchange dormitories, various theme-based dormitories, and adaptations to a wide range of styles, with over 500 dormitories throughout Japan.

  • Dormy Inn business

    The best business hotel for providing relaxation

    Our business hotel chain inherits the dormitory business expertise and provides a “relaxing atmosphere like home” as well as comfort. We operate standard business hotels and Japanese-style premium brand hotels such as “Onyado Nono.”

  • Resort business

    A relaxing resort that heals your body and mind

    Our resort hotels are high quality but provide friendly services. These resort hotels/healing hot spring accommodations are available throughout Japan.

  • Senior Life business

    Homes for the elderly

    We support each of our customer’s “activities for life.”

    We manage and run “fee-based homes for the elderly with nursing care," ” fee-based homes for the elderly (residential),” and “Residences for the elderly with services.” We have support structures that match each resident's physical conditions so that residents can live securely and freely.

  • Dormitory


  • Dormy Inn


  • Resort


  • Senior Life


*As of December 31 2023

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