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PKP business

(Municipal business consignment)

Striving to "solve challenges of municipalities" and
"improve services for residents"

Kyoritsu Maintenance's PKP businesses support municipalities throughout Japan. The greatest feature of the service is providing services for residents through community-based approaches.
We propose solutions through establishing various public-private partnerships utilizing our company's expertise and overall capabilities. We help streamline, reduce costs, and improve the quality of various tasks that municipalities deal with.

Business Features

  • ・After holding surveys and consultations, we provide comprehensive outsourcing services to support administrative and financial reforms of municipalities
  • ・We regularly hold training to improve services

Since the foundation, our management philosophy has been “put customers first,” and through many years
in the business, we cultivated the spirit to “take care of people with hospitality.”
We expanded our businesses to cover outsourcing projects for municipalities to contribute our qualities to municipalities and local residents.
Our company’s strength is the integrated strength to comprehensively handle outsourcing projects comprising of administrative works at government buildings/branch offices and wide-ranging services for residents that each division needs to deal with.
We consider it is our mission to connect municipalities and residents and contribute to vitalizing the local community. We use our experience and passion to solve local challenges. We employ residents locally, provide training, and develop systems to improve the convenience of resident services while maintaining the quality
Main Services Offered
General reception of government offices/guidance/administrative tasks at departments/other general affairs
Management of government buildings and various facilities, cleaning, park management
Operation management of vehicles (school bus/community bus/official vehicle)
Preparing school lunches/nursery school lunches
Nursery/childcare services, running child centers
Running libraries/archive museums/community centers